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Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a brand new game in which you can find more than 22,000 Pokemon species. It is a fan-made game solely based on the RPG Maker. Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion now and experience one of the most trending games in the community.

For all Pokemon fans worldwide, we have brought something exciting in today’s article which will blow your mind. Pokemon Infinite fusion, yes, you’ve heard it right. This game allows gamers to fuse two Pokemon to create a new and more powerful Pokemon creature. It has an RPG element, creating a unique and exciting player experience.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Information

You can guess what it is all about from the name of the game. In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you can combine or fuse different Pokemon to create a new breed of Pokemon. A total of 176,400 combinations of Pokemons are available, which will surely provide you with the best gaming experience you have ever experienced before. 

The fused Pokemon you create through fusion will have characteristics of both parents, so it depends on which type of Pokemon you want in your Pokeball. It can be a fire type like Charizard, an electric type like Pikachu, a water type like Squirtle, or a grass type like Bulbasaur. Pokemon This Gym Of Mine is another good game with unique storyline, you should try it.

You can also name the species you will create, so don’t let your creativity go in vain.

Now let us have a look at the features of the game: –

Features OF The Game

The most exciting features of the game are mentioned below: –

  1. Pokemon Fusion 

As mentioned before, fusing two Pokemon to produce another unique species of Pokemon is the most exciting feature.

  1. Enormous number of combinations

Around 176,400 combinations are available in the game, which makes it more interesting to play.

  1. Huge storyline

You will witness one of the most extended storylines of Pokemon games. The story of this game is up to the 16th gym, so a lot of adventure awaits you. 

  1. Infusing Pokemon

Another feature of this game is the infusing of Pokemon which means that you can undo the fusion of any Pokemon which you have created through fusion.

  1. Pokemons from various generations

In this game, you will find many Pokemon from the 1st to 7th generations. Almost every Pokemon from generation 1st and 2nd are available along with their evolutions, and around 101 Pokemon from generation 3rd to 7th.

  1. Vast Regions

The regions in which you can fight with gym leaders are Johto and Kanto regions.

  1. Sevii islands

After moving forward, you will find sevii islands post-game, where you will witness unique and exotic Pokemon.

  1. Legendary Pokemons

In this game, you will find 25 legendary Pokemon. So, are you ready to catch them and use them in fusion?

  1. Side quests

There are 40 side quests available in the game, so there is no chance you will feel bored.

  1. Different Modes

There are a total of 4 modes of this available 

  • Normal Mode
  •  Classic Mode
  •  Modern Mode
  •  Randomized Mode
  1. Faster Day And Night System
  1. Fairy Type

In Pokemon infinite fusion Pokedex, a new type is added, fairy type, which will surely blow your mind.

  1. Wonder Trade 

With the help of this feature, you can trade your Pokemon to get stronger and rare Pokemons in return.

  1. Battle Facilities

This game’s battle system is similar to any other Pokemon game in which players battle with other trainers and gym leaders to progress through the game. Still, before fighting, players must consider the abilities and strengths of their fused Pokemon.

  1. NPC Trading

You can trade your fused Pokemon with other fused Pokemon players worldwide.

  1. Speed up button

There is an integrated speed-up button (ctrl key) available.

  1. Reverse Mode

This will be one of the best features of the game, for sure. In this mode, play the game in which the fusion of every trainer is reversed or flipped.

  1. Sprites 

Around 20,000 custom sprites are available, which are handcrafted by the Pokemon community.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download

pokemon infinite fusion
Game NamePokémon Infinite Fusion
Based onFan Made

Important Note – Please check out DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION file first to enjoy the latest version of the game.

Creator’s Note – When you launch the game, it takes a bit of time to load all sprites

Check Changelog


Is Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Worthy

Many Pokemon fans must have this question in their mind, but as always, we have your back in this doubt too. As discussed earlier, Pokemon infinite fusion is a fan-made game, so Nintendo and the Pokemon Company do not acknowledge it. But, the experience of playing this game will be similar to the officially launched game.

After the new update (i,e. Version 5.1), the user experience has dramatically improved. It includes Gen 7 moves and battle mechanics, New Battle facilities, New animations, and enhanced performance. Due to the features mentioned above and in the earlier heading, Pokemon infinite fusion wiki has gained an enormous fan following, which plays a vital role in victorious this game. Another reason for getting a tremendous response from Pokemon fans is that the game regularly receives updates from the developer.

At last, if you also are a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then this game will not disappoint you. It is worth playing as it provides a unique and exciting gameplay experience that you will probably get in any other Pokemon games available on the web.

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Source: PokeCommunity and The Internet