If you want to see changelog of Pokemon Infinite Fusion then this this page is for you here we had combined all the change log came in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.


Triple Battles
Gen 7 moves and battle mechanics
New Battle facilities
More randomizer options
New animations
New moves and abilities from gen 5 to 7
Premium wondertrades
QoL improvements
Performance improvements
...And even more!


Added birds at navel rock 
Version number on title screen is now text instead of an image
Moved some houses around in vermillion
Added fairy type moves to level up movesets
Added daily random static encounter in Mt. Mortar
Added static Jynx, Electabuzz and Magmar in Seafoam, Power plant and volcano respectively
Added encounters in Burned Tower 
Fusing now averages the IVs of both Pokémon
Added visual indicator in Azalea Town's gym puzzle
Removed the Pinecos on route 29 for Violet City's quest
Title screen now uses custom sprites
Added Assist pokeballs in Golbat Soar
Added a visual indicator for number of jumps left in Golbat Soar
Removed Dive spots on Routes 12/13
Fixed bug causing rematch levels to reset after rematching a different trainer
Small AI improvements (healing items)
Fixed map border issues around Cerulean
Made it possible to fly to Victory Road
Teleporter and Lantern can now be registered from the bag
Added Bara's postgame mod
Additional gym battle in Viridian
Bill's BattleTower: new area where you can battle teams based on various members of the discord


Added simple savefile backup system	Hard mode: The game doesn't tell you what Pokémon the opponent is about to send	
Improved town map (script by Marin)		All regions in one map
No flight restrictions between regions	HM05 (Waterfall) is now given by Oak after beating the league		
The way to New Bark Town is through Tohjo falls	
Spring boots can now be obtained at Sprout 
Tower as an alternative to the Golbat minigame	
Fixed Saffron City team rocket lag	Made pickaxe quest easier require only 1 Rare Bone	
Fixed Hidden ability routes			
Not every pokemon on the route will have their hidden ability			Unfused "sparkling" pokemon always have their hidden ability	
Added battle with fossil guy for getting the other generation fossils
Added buyable incubators at johto daycare 	
New field moves: Morning Sun, Moonlight, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hail, Sandstorm	
Rival now keeps his starter for the entire game in randomized mode and in classic mode with non-kanto starters	Made Heart Scales from rock smash more common 	
Lowered level penalty from unfusing with regular DNA Splicers from 25% to 20%	Lowered DNA Reverser price to 300	Bugfixes